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The largest specialized trade and export center
what goals

We are determined to create a path for all traders, producers, exporters and activists in the economic fields in the current situation, so that all people can make proper investments and also have a large income.

Our mission

Creating domestic and international business structures and creating a suitable business environment for all domestic and foreign businessmen, investing and building a standard business structure in all economic fields.

Our values

Having experienced, creative and successful specialists in the field of production and domestic and international trade in Iran and other countries of the world

Project Completed
Satisfied customers
Successful business plans
Brand and business area
The success of Farjadi Holding

The success of Farjadi Holding depends on the success of all customers and associates of this group. If the business structures allow all customers to be successful in branding and also business, the path created in Farjadi Holding shows its original meaning. Strong ideas, creation of suitable and up-to-date structures and use of information, science, as well as existing and up-to-date experiences in the domestic and foreign trade market have made all customers able to make the best use of this environment. Creating the interaction of Iranian businessmen with the international market is one of the other characteristics of cooperation in the projects of Farjadi Holding.

Our experts

Sina Farjadi

CEO and franchise owner of the holding

Saida Shahriari

International advertising manager

Siamak Farjadi

Support and administrative affairs

Majid Rouhani

Executive director of the collection

Commercial offices of Farjadi Holding

By establishing commercial offices in the following countries, we have enabled all Iranian businessmen to have access to the largest international markets and main trade routes.

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Risk Management
Creating a suitable platform for trade with Iran allowed us to have the best experience in the world market of buying Iranian products. Choosing the best models of Iranian products has made all countries have a special interest in these products.
james walburn
ceo dbt